Sip 'n Shop with us at BoConcept in Soho

We're invited to exhibit alongside other up-and-coming designers at BoConcept's Holiday Sip 'n Shop event this Friday, December 12th from 5-8pm!

Join us at BoConcept's Soho store at 69 Greene St where we'll drink to the holidays while you look at new designs in home decor, clothing and accessories. BoConcept's furniture itself will serve as the backdrop! Look for us in the downstairs showroom. 

BoConcept is a luxury furniture brand that started in Denmark and is now recognized globally with 90 studios and 230 stores worldwide. See their blog for more.

RSVP over email or Facebook invite. See you there!

Gift More with Bhold’s Holiday Gift Sets

At your request, we’ve created holiday gift sets so that you can give your family and friends a bundle of whimsical, well-designed solutions all at once to help make their day easier and more fun. Get all of a set for one special giftee or a set for yourself to give to many at once!

Btechy Smartphone Gift Set
After that new smartphone arrives with the new phone case, what else makes the most of the new device? This trio of goodies makes a great phone companion at home, at work and on the go. The Bsteady Car Mount lets you be hands-free in the car with its curved design that fits any size phone now or later. Take your music with you to the kitchen, to your vacation, then back to your living room with the Bheard Sound Pod. It also works great as a speakerphone. Sit down and watch a video in the Bsnug Phone Stand to give your arms a break, then use it for its dual purpose as an earphone wrap when you’re on the go.

Bneat Cable Wrap Gift Set
The Bneat set gives you a set of three options to tuck away the cables and cords that you're carrying with you everywhere. Each shape is curved just right to allow you to wrap quickly and easily in any direction you’d like. From the Bspun’s fun jack shape that actually spins to the Bbouncy’s seamless hinge to the Bsnug’s pillowy curves, the Bneat set takes care of them all. This playful set will make your giftee’s day-to-day a few notches better.

Sets offer you a bundle price so that you can get and gift more. Remember to take a look at our current sets which also make great gifts!

Note that the original Bneat Earphone Organizer will now only be available as part of the two-in-one Bspacey set, and we’ve moved the Bneat name over to our new holiday set above. 

Each Bhold piece is minimalistic in design and weighs almost nothing yet is packed with what you need plus more.

Lastly, if you have not yet seen our 3D printed ceramic Bholdable Sake Set in Glossy White, take a look now! Recent changes due to the sharply limited availability are highlighted in this update post.

Happy holiday shopping, all!

Pre-Order the Bheard Sound Pod and Changes to Ceramic Offerings

After our Kickstarter ended (on a momentous and positive note!), many have asked for a way to pre-order the new more portable version of the Bheard Sound Pod which will be made in a material similar to hard silicone. It’s now available at a special pre-order price for a limited time until its release during the December holidays!

And as some of you might have heard, 3D printed ceramic has now become much more difficult to access, so we’ve had to adjust the prices accordingly to reflect its sharply limited supply. For the time being, we can readily offer Glossy White and Glossy Black as options. Light Blue and Matte Black are no longer available. Additionally, the Btipsy Sake Jug is now only available as part of the matching Bholdable Sake Set.

For specific requests on colored glazing, please email us. At the moment, almost all Bholdable pieces will take 5-6 weeks to produce, with the exception of single shot cups. See the detailed drop-down options for availability and lead times.

10 Ways to Use Your Bheard Sound Pod

1. Easily amp up your music when your friend is over for a glass of wine.
2. Sing and dance in the shower while your sound pod sits comfortably dry by the sink.
3. Hear your speakerphone calls better for those iPhone conference calls at your startup.
4. Video chat with your long distance friends.
5. Listen to your favorite jams while you cook.
6. Take this ‘no plugging, no charging, no pairing’ speaker to your next park outing or beach day.
7. Prop as a stand to see recipes on your phone screen at just the right angle when you’re cooking (and keep it out of your ingredients!).
8. Many of you have said it’s cool just as a phone holder. And it does so much more!
9. Make sure you hear that alarm when you have to be up early in the a.m.
10. Decorate and jazz up your mantle or coffee table at home with the Bheard as a beautiful design centerpiece!
Sound useful? Like the sound pod's design? Find it on Kickstarter!

Come Out To See

Out To See is a holiday neighborhood market happening every weekend in November, and we'll be there on Sunday, November 16th!

Sponsored by the City of New York, it's an event that started in order to showcase the South Street Seaport neighborhood in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and has now expanded to include NYC Next Top Makers, New Inc members, Maker Faire Editor's Choice Winners, and much more!

Come by to see us at the Maker Gallery at 213 Water St this Sunday from 11am to 5pm and start your holiday shopping alongside local makers, artists, musicians, and foodie goodness. For more details, you'll find the festival schedule here.

See you there!

Launching Our First Kickstarter for the Bheard Sound Pod

We’re excited and ready to take one of our concept products to market. Today we’re announcing our first Kickstarter for the Bheard Sound Pod, one of our most popular designs, and our goal is to scale its production by opening up a mold and creating the first production batch.

We at Bhold believe in balancing aesthetics and function, and relevance today with longer-term efficiency and sustainability. Now that we’ve seen the reactions to our proof of concept for the sound pod, we’re ready to take it further. But we need your help.

To keep the elegant design of the concept piece, we'll still make it in one piece (trust me, not at all an easy feat to mold!) and this time it’ll be made of a silicone-like material that will make the Bheard durable, portable and waterproof. At a diameter of 4 inches, it’ll fit any phone including the iPhone 6 Plus and any Samsung Note.

The production version will create the same optimized rich acoustic sound that has gone through 37 versions in 6 short weeks and been thoroughly tested by the team and by our community of Bhold Labs testers.

Backers will be able to pre-order at a reduced price across a number of pledge levels, but the final price will go up after our Kickstarter is over. The Bheard will continue to be Made in the USA. Delivery will be in 2 months to arrive in time for holidays.

So here it is, ready for you to back. We're a tiny team but with a big mission and dream. We'd love it if you'd join us in this journey!

We're now on Brit+Co!

Brit+Co is a curated e-commerce destination that provides tools to teach, inspire, and enable creativity among women and girls. They feature work from the creative community including makers, designers, chefs, and inventors. We love their DIY spirit and are excited to announce the opening of our shop!

As Brit+Co Founder Brit Morin says, "today’s generation thrives in the virtual world, but as humans we remain inspired to work and create in the physical world. Why can’t these two things go together?" We totally agree! Which is why we're bringing together design and technology to make you better products.

Find us there.

Crowdsourced Design Made Possible by 3D Printing

Starting today we're partnering with Ultimaker to expand Bhold Labs to allow anyone around the world with a 3D printer to print prototypes of our next product at home and send in feedback that will directly influence the final product design.

Bhold is the first to introduce the concept of "beta testing" for physical products to create better design, an entirely new way to use 3D printing, and I'm excited to be the first to announce this next phase with Ultimaker and their community.

Ultimaker's advanced hardware and open source philosophy has led them to have one of the strongest, most supportive communities in the maker movement. I believe that our collaboration will allow Bhold to take our product design to the next level through thoughtful feedback from this community. At the same time, 3D printer owners of all levels now have a new, inventive way to experiment with their machines.

Matthijs De Deugd from the Ultimaker team says, "We think this is an excellent way for our community to interact with the latest 3D printing technology and our machines, to see a new crowdsourced product come to life through their feedback."

All prototypes will be uploaded to Ultimaker's community at starting in October, with an expected final release in December 2014. To apply to be a Labs tester, submit your name and a blurb telling us more about you here!

Update 1/9/15: Final release is delayed to March 2015 due to changes required.

The Maker Movement Economy

So much of what we believe is wrapped up into this great infographic by The Grommet! We've been "in the trenches" experiencing much of what you see here and 100% believe in the Maker Movement's power to reshape our local economy. As President Obama said when we were invited to the first-ever White House Maker Faire, "Today's DIY is tomorrow's 'Made in America'".

We're excited for what's next!

Meet Makers and Manufacturers

We’d love to see you at one of our events this next month!

Next Top Makers Queens Pop Up
31-00 47th Ave, #1105, Long Island City, NY
Sep 18, 7-10pm

NYC and former Mayor Bloomberg back Queens as the latest technology and manufacturing hub. Next Thursday, join us over prosecco, local brews and farm-to-table food as we exhibit alongside other makers, manufacturers and meet entrepreneurs, journalists, city leadership and educators for a wonderful evening in the historic Falchi building. Explore our rich maker ecosystem here in New York's most diverse borough!

Maker Faire New York
New York Hall of Science
Sep 20-21

A reminder that Maker Faire NY is next weekend! It's an extra special maker faire for us as it was our first Bhold event so it will have been one year since public launch! Come see the latest Bhold designs, check out our latest 3D printers and join in the Bhold Labs fun!

Design For Manufacturing Summit #7
Brooklyn, NY
October 9, 2014

Founder Susan Taing in an invited speaker at the Design For Manufacturing Summit in Brooklyn. DFM is about connecting industrial designers, product developers, makers, engineers and manufacturers to create a leaner manufacturing ecosystem. If you’d like to attend, enter “Bhold” as the promotional code or use this link for a discounted rate of 40% off the normal registration fee. 

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