After our Kickstarter ended (on a momentous and positive note!), many have asked for a way to pre-order the new more portable version of the Bheard Sound Pod which will be made in a material similar to hard silicone. It’s now available at a special pre-order price for a limited time until its release during the December holidays!

And as some of you might have heard, 3D printed ceramic has now become much more difficult to access, so we’ve had to adjust the prices accordingly to reflect its sharply limited supply. For the time being, we can readily offer Glossy White and Glossy Black as options. Light Blue and Matte Black are no longer available. Additionally, the Btipsy Sake Jug is now only available as part of the matching Bholdable Sake Set.

For specific requests on colored glazing, please email us. At the moment, almost all Bholdable pieces will take 5-6 weeks to produce, with the exception of single shot cups. See the detailed drop-down options for availability and lead times.

Written by Bhold team — November 30, 2014

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