Things Of The Future, 3D-Printed And Built Like Websites

Reshaping Design [VIDEO]

Bringing 3-D Power to the People [also in print March 27, 2014]

Fine-Tuned Prototyping [PRINT]

Meet The Woman 3D Printing Her Way To The Top


2017 Holiday Gift Guide: Presents for $25 and under [also in print]


6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life: Bsteady any-phone car mount

6 Clever Items to Simplify Your Life: Bstrong utility hook


NEW INC on How Co-Working Spaces Must Evolve for the Creative Entrepreneur

11 Ways to Control Desktop Cables

Bhold Design's Heat Buffering Bholdable Tumbler

Respond to Susan Taing

Maker Pro Newsletter - Maker Pro Update: Susan Taing 

3D Printing to Create Hundreds of Thousands of Jobs [VIDEO]

"New York Stories" - Feature Interview in Episode 7 [Online VIDEO of TV Series]

Interview with Founder and CEO Susan Taing


Digital Details [in March 2014 print issue]

NEW INC's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

NEW INC Winter Demo Day 2016

Public Beta: NEW INC End-of-Year Showcase 2016, Part 1

Announcing NEW INC's 2016-2017 cohort!

Introducing Bsteady, The Car Mount That Fits Any Phone in Any Car

Responsive, Iterative Design from Bhold in New York

NY NOW Foreshadows New Uses Of 3D Printing By Its Community

3D Print Your Part in the Industrial Design Process with Bhold & Ultimaker

B-hold the Future of Coffee Mugs (Without Burning Your Fingers)

3D Printed Bheard Sound Pod Ready to Play Music for the Masses

Bhold Launches Open Source iPad Shell Amplifier on Youmagine

Bhold's Boutique 3D Prints

Design of the Week: Bsteady Car Mount

3D Printed Speakers Rock!

How 3D Printing Made Me A Smarter Traveler

Designer Spotlight: Susan Taing

Shapeways shopowner Susan Taing of Bhold at the first ever White House Maker Faire

Build Your Business with 3D Printing: Small Business Bootcamp [includes VIDEO of session by Susan Taing]

Product Design Idea to Prototype: Meetup with Shapeways and Quirky

National Day of Making: 3D Printing Powers Small Businesses


Drive safe and hands free with 3D printed Bsteady smartphone car mount

Bhold announces Bhold Labs, a new way to use 3D Printing

Bhold launches a design house committed to innovative, user-centric designs

3D Printing as a Long Term Solution for Independent Product Designers

3D printing: Overcoming the legal and intellectual property issues

3D Printing: Building the Future 

Inside the World of 3D Printing [VIDEO]


Speaker Bios

New Museum: NEW INC Demo Day (2016)

General Assembly: Intro to the NYC Design Community (2015)

Maker Faire: What are the Long Term Effects of 3D Printing and 3D Scanning (2015)

Design for Manufacturing Summit: Evolution of the maker scene (2014)

Inside 3D Printing: Meet the Makers: Inspiring Innovation (2014)

Awards and Selections

White House Honored Maker

NEW INC member

New York's Next Top Maker

MAKE Editor's Choice Award

Shapeways' Designer-in-Residence at Museum of Arts and Design

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