At your request, we’ve created holiday gift sets so that you can give your family and friends a bundle of whimsical, well-designed solutions all at once to help make their day easier and more fun. Get all of a set for one special giftee or a set for yourself to give to many at once!

Btechy Smartphone Gift Set
After that new smartphone arrives with the new phone case, what else makes the most of the new device? This trio of goodies makes a great phone companion at home, at work and on the go. The Bsteady Car Mount lets you be hands-free in the car with its curved design that fits any size phone now or later. Take your music with you to the kitchen, to your vacation, then back to your living room with the Bheard Sound Pod. It also works great as a speakerphone. Sit down and watch a video in the Bsnug Phone Stand to give your arms a break, then use it for its dual purpose as an earphone wrap when you’re on the go.

Bneat Cable Wrap Gift Set
The Bneat set gives you a set of three options to tuck away the cables and cords that you're carrying with you everywhere. Each shape is curved just right to allow you to wrap quickly and easily in any direction you’d like. From the Bspun’s fun jack shape that actually spins to the Bbouncy’s seamless hinge to the Bsnug’s pillowy curves, the Bneat set takes care of them all. This playful set will make your giftee’s day-to-day a few notches better.

Sets offer you a bundle price so that you can get and gift more. Remember to take a look at our current sets which also make great gifts!

Note that the original Bneat Earphone Organizer will now only be available as part of the two-in-one Bspacey set, and we’ve moved the Bneat name over to our new holiday set above. 

Each Bhold piece is minimalistic in design and weighs almost nothing yet is packed with what you need plus more.

Lastly, if you have not yet seen our 3D printed ceramic Bholdable Sake Set in Glossy White, take a look now! Recent changes due to the sharply limited availability are highlighted in this update post.

Happy holiday shopping, all!

Written by Bhold team — December 01, 2014

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