We’re excited and ready to take one of our concept products to market. Today we’re announcing our first Kickstarter for the Bheard Sound Pod, one of our most popular designs, and our goal is to scale its production by opening up a mold and creating the first production batch.

We at Bhold believe in balancing aesthetics and function, and relevance today with longer-term efficiency and sustainability. Now that we’ve seen the reactions to our proof of concept for the sound pod, we’re ready to take it further. But we need your help.

To keep the elegant design of the concept piece, we'll still make it in one piece (trust me, not at all an easy feat to mold!) and this time it’ll be made of a silicone-like material that will make the Bheard durable, portable and waterproof. At a diameter of 4 inches, it’ll fit any phone including the iPhone 6 Plus and any Samsung Note.

The production version will create the same optimized rich acoustic sound that has gone through 37 versions in 6 short weeks and been thoroughly tested by the team and by our community of Bhold Labs testers.

Backers will be able to pre-order at a reduced price across a number of pledge levels, but the final price will go up after our Kickstarter is over. The Bheard will continue to be Made in the USA. Delivery will be in 2 months to arrive in time for holidays.

So here it is, ready for you to back. We're a tiny team but with a big mission and dream. We'd love it if you'd join us in this journey!

Written by Susan Taing — October 21, 2014

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