If you've liked the Bholdable Cup concept for hot sake, tea and coffee, you'll love the new Bholdable Sake Jug! Designed with two walls to insulate and cutouts to fit your fingers exactly, the Jug goes "hand-in-hand" with the Bholdable Cup in form and function.

The best way to experience them is as a set. (We started off naming the jug Btipsy and the set Btipsy Too, but to simplify we'll go with Bholdable for all.)

Thirsty for more than sake? To complete the collection, we've created a new Bholdable Mug as a larger version of the Bholdable Cup which holds a full 6 ounces of coffee, tea, or anything else you love to drink.

Bottoms up!

Written by Bhold team — July 23, 2014

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