It was great to see you all at Maker Faire! It was our first time exhibiting our designs publicly and we were happy to receive such positive feedback and support from attendees and fellow exhibitors.

We showcased our collection of products from our July company launch and introduced 3 new prototypes for products at Maker Faire. We also announced a brand new program called bhold labs to much interest! Stay tuned as tomorrow we will be opening up sign-ups more broadly to everyone online.

We will be rolling out the new products as soon as they become available for sale.

Our ideas board inspired a wide range of fun and creative ideas for "What would your dream 3D printed product be?". See the boards from Day 1 and Day 2:  


And we were honored to receive an Editor's Choice award by MAKE magazine:


Finally, thank you to all who attended my two talks on Responsive Product Design and Traditional Manufacturing vs 3D Printing. I fielded very engaging questions from the audience and am happy to continue the discussion.


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Written by Susan Taing — October 01, 2013

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