3D printing will indeed change the future of manufacturing. After two centuries of industrial manufacturing, we will be able to come back almost full circle to an era where products can be more tailored to meet consumer demand, but this time with cooler machines, much better technology and newer materials.

Why do we believe we are headed in this direction?

Inefficient market
Our consumer products today are mass produced overseas with long product cycle times that typically last 6 months. Any one product requires a minimum order in the thousands, and importers must fill up entire shipping containers to be efficient about shipping costs. The need to forecast 1-2 seasons ahead adds uncertainty and large minimum orders create inefficiencies and thus waste in the process.

It's time for consumer manufacturing to speed up to meet consumer needs. Beyond rapid prototyping, 3D printing will allow product cycles to speed up, which will lead to better, more innovative products. Designers can be more responsive to consumer feedback, bringing us to a new era of responsive product design. 3D printing allows anyone to map an idea from concept to production more quickly than before and with direct feedback from consumers.

Limited access
Because of these constraints, manufacturing is restricted to those who have enough capital, mainly large companies. 3D printing, however, is now accessible to all. While the cost per item is higher, the minimum order is just... one item. Similar to how the Internet transformed the software development world, 3D printing technology will empower a new world of independent brands and designers, giving consumers more choice than ever before.

Let’s jumpstart this new industry. We hope you will join us at any level you can, whether it’s creating 3D printed products, developing new materials, improving hardware, spreading the word, or purchasing 3D printed goods and giving consumer feedback.

Bhold plans to specialize in 3D printed design. Our mission is to contribute to the growth of this great new industry in 3D printing by:

  • showcasing great designs of consumer products made possible by today's 3D materials and processes, and by
  • releasing new versions of products at a faster rate than possible before in response to consumer feedback, to be one of the first to make responsive product design come true.

And now, bhold :)



Written by Susan Taing — July 23, 2013


judith gerberg:

Susan is really on the cutting edge!

August 14 2013

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