You might have seen the Bheard Sound Pod in 3D printed ceramic, but ever since ceramic was no longer available 3D printed in the U.S., we've been searching for an alternative. With the sound pod's popularity, we opened up production this year and are excited to share that it's now available again in ceramic in White and Black as well as a special Matte Black with a thicker glaze. They came out beautifully and will double as a home accent piece! 

The acoustics between the composite rubber and ceramic versions are very similar. The only difference is a subtle overtone in the ceramic as its finish is glossy versus the composite rubber which is more matte, and for those with keen ears, it usually is just a slight personal preference for one over the other.

The Bheard Sound Pod Ceramic fits all phones including tablet phones. As a speaker, it works best with the latest smartphone models such as the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus, 5, 5s and Samsung Galaxy S6.

Here's a new video of the sound pod to show its most popular features and uses: 

Happy listening and chatting!

Written by Bhold team — December 17, 2015

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