The Bsteady Car Mount was designed as a completely universal mount that secures any phone in any car, so when you upgrade your phone or your car, or rent a car, you can just use the same lightweight and portable mount.

Its shape is elegant and simple to minimize on bulk yet robust and durable enough for everyday use. Starting today, you can back the Bsteady on Kickstarter to ensure it makes it to market while pre-ordering one for yourself! 

If fully backed, the Bsteady will be available in Black, Red, Purple and Blue in a silicone-like rubber composite with just the right balance of flexibility and rigidity.

We've heard such positive feedback from early users so far, so we decided to move forward to the next stage to scale its production. The delivery date will be well ahead of the holidays for anyone looking to gift the Bsteady to friends and family.

Please share or back the project to give someone you know a safer drive! Your vote of confidence and support will make a big difference in making the product a reality and allowing Bhold to continue to create helpful designs for you!

Update: As of Oct 22nd, the Bsteady is fully funded! Thank you, backers, for your support in bringing the Bsteady Car Mount to market!

Update 2: As of Dec 1st, it's available in the new composite rubber material here and through our partner sites. 

Written by Bhold team — September 29, 2015

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