Super excited to announce that Bhold has been selected to join New Museum's first-ever museum incubator NEW INC, a professional development program for creative entrepreneurs working at the intersection of art, design and technology. 

Today marks the first day of the second year of NEW INC. As quoted from the program description:

"The incubator is a not-for-profit platform that furthers the Museum’s ongoing commitment to new art and new ideas. NEW INC provides a collaborative space for a highly selective, interdisciplinary community to investigate new ideas and develop a sustainable practice."

Bhold works right at the intersection of design and technology to create more efficient, more responsive and more sustainable product design. Overall we aim to create better product design through rapid prototyping with 3D printing and community testing with our first-of-its-kind Bhold Labs program, a unique approach that ensures the most usable and thoughtful design for our end users. Bhold's goals fit well into NEW INC's mission.

I'm honored and excited to join the NEW INC community as a new resident member. Stay in touch to hear more!


Written by Susan Taing — September 07, 2015

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