Bhold’s values started out as my own beliefs, life values that I strive to live by. I’d like to share a few of our values and illustrate how they come through in our products and our brand.

Solve interesting problems. Help others.

Of the many problems to solve in our world, I felt that where I could be the most helpful in is creating something beautiful that fixes a problem every day. A little bit every day adds up to a lot over the course of a lifetime. Every Bhold design is inspired by solving a problem in our daily lives.


Be bold and daring. Challenge your limits.

I always remind myself and others that life is short so you must dare to do what you want to do in life. And that’s the most important use of your time. Be patient and smart about it, but go for it! Our boldness comes through in going for our mission despite the odds, and in our logo, where we use thick font and strong colors.


Do something different. Create something new.

It's only meaningful to create Bhold for you all if I could contribute concepts that are unique, useful and better than what already exists. In addition to our name, the thought put into our logo and our imagery also carry this aspirational goal. Our icon is nothing more than a red line over a black background, and the line in between the “b” and the “h” stands for the blank canvas of future designs that are yet to be.



Simplify. Simple is often more difficult than elaborate.

Many of us often get caught up with creating the most complex and elaborate version of something that the world has never seen before, but the more important thing is to think about why we created it. At Bhold, to create objects that you use every day, we believe simple is better. It’s easier to use, keeps only the most essential and saves you time. Every time an iteration of a design gets too complex, I cut, cut, and cut until it’s back to something manageable. And simple does not have to be boring.


Have fun while you’re at it. Live in the moment.

Whether you like to focus on what’s ahead or to reflect back on the past, it helps to remember that the moment that’s happening right now will never happen again. To have no regrets and even to learn, we need to live lightheartedly and playfully. This comes across in the colors and the shapes that I choose for Bhold’s designs. Enjoy!

Written by Susan Taing — April 06, 2015

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