We're happy to announce today our latest new product, the Bjacked charger cable set! It's a ball and jack combo of the Bspun jack-shaped cable wrap and the Bbouncy ball-shaped cable clip.

The Bspun Cable Wrap keeps your small cords for phones and tablets in control, while the Bbouncy Cable Clip keeps your large cords for laptops and other electronic devices neat and tidy. Both are flexibly designed to fit a range of sizes and are light enough to toss into a laptop bag to keep your cords from kinking on the go. Each organizer can also be used at home for cable organization.  

The Bspun actually spins like a top, and the Bbouncy features a living hinge and a magnetic closure.

See the evolution of bjacked's product versions over time! Thank you to our labs testers for their great feedback.

Playful, simple yet practical, they’re perfect for keeping cables neat while on the go. Take them for a spin now.

Written by Susan Taing — May 08, 2014

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