It’s our first birthday! We're celebrating today by introducing bhold minis.

Minis are miniatures of our most iconic designs. We’ll make a new set available each year, so you can collect them all! Our inaugural set features three of our most popular designs: the bholdable espresso cup, which was featured in 3D Printshow's Product Design Showcase and in the Museum of Arts and Design, the bheard sound pod, which was featured in the New York Times, and the bsnug earbud wrap, which we’ve heard from you is your overall favorite. A multicolor set comes with three minis and are perfect as a decorative accessory.

The best part? A set of minis is only $15. Or, stop by at one of our upcoming events or on Twitter today, and a few lucky people will get minis on us.

Thank you all for your support over our first year. Here’s to another great year of 3D printing designs inspired by you!

note: Our actual birthday was on April 26th, but we are observing it today :)

Written by Susan Taing — April 28, 2014

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