Two of our favorites, the bsnug and the bspacey, have just gone through bhold labs yet again. We’ve updated based on our testers’ feedback, and we have new versions of each, ready for you!

The bsnug earbud wrap now features a hollow core. Just thread your earbuds through the bsnug, and then wrap as much or as little of the cord as you like. The new design makes it convenient to shorten the cord when you’re on a run, or wrap the cord completely when you need to put it away. The unique shape of the bsnug protects your microphone from damage and keeps the cord kink-free to increase its lifetime.


This is now available in addition to the bsnug stand, which holds your phone up when you're video chatting or watching a movie.

The bspacey combo organizer has a new, streamlined shape. A combination of the bneat earbud winder and the bstrong hook, the bspacey is light and strong and can be tossed into your bag with ease. The new streamlined design increases the strength of the hook without adding any additional bulk.


What should we put through bhold labs next?


Written by Susan Taing — February 13, 2014

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