Looking to amplify and improve the sound on your phone? Insert your smartphone into the bheard sound pod to hear a full range of sound ― highs, mids and lows. Use it for your music, or when your friend’s on speakerphone. 

The bhold sound pod is our newest graduate from bhold labs, where we tried design after design with our testers. We went through 36 versions! In the end, the one that gave us the best sound quality and phone support is the current pod-like shape, one that can only be made in one piece with 3D printing.

A great stocking stuffer if you are still searching for holiday gifts. Fits phones up to 5.3" x 2.7" x 0.5", about the size of a Nexus 4.

A big thanks to our bhold labs testers for their thoughtful feedback!

Written by Susan Taing — December 17, 2013

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