Our first batch of 3D-printed bhold labs designs have graduated, just in time for the holidays! The bsnug stand and the bsteady any-phone car mount are now ready for the big time. And to celebrate, we’ve opened Shapeways and Sculpteo shops as new places to get them.

bsnug stand


On the go? Wrap your earbuds around the bsnug stand to keep them safe and tangle-free. Sticking around? Unwrap your earbuds and use the groove as a phone stand to video chat, watch a movie, or just keep your playlist visible.

Available in two sizes, the bsnug stand is lightweight and small enough to toss in a pocket or bag. Choose the smaller one to stay compact, or go for the larger one for a quicker wrap or a thicker phone (up to 0.4 inches thick).

bsteady any-phone car mount

The flexible design of the bsteady any-phone car mount fits any phone and almost any car. Hang your phone from your car vents to keep your GPS or playlist in easy sight. The any-phone design will still work when you swap in your friend’s phone or upgrade yours, and the open sides mean it’s easy to charge your phone as you go.


More places to get bhold goodies

We're making it easier for you to get bhold goodies by opening up shops on Shapeways and Sculpteo! We're excited to join both designer communities.


If you'd like to see our new designs in person, come find us at our holiday fairs this month! 

Written by Susan Taing — December 02, 2013

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