The White House's first ever Maker Faire was a momentous occasion, coinciding with the first ever National Day of Making and hosted by President Obama himself. There was everything from a robotic giraffe to a desktop CNC machine to batteries that charge by simply walking.

bhold founder Susan Taing was invited as Honored Maker, out of 100 invited makers representing 25 states. Check out our pics on Instagram and Facebook, and check out the White House's site to see social media posts from all participants.

The President gave an energizing speech to show his encouragement of the maker movement and to announce several supporting initiatives, including:

  • Partnerships with 13 federal agencies and companies to expand access to start-up grants, strengthen relationships with American manufacturers and major retailers, and offer business mentoring and training.
  • The launch of 4 new high tech manufacturing hubs across the country with more on the way, with new efforts led by the Administration and by more than 90 mayors to spur manufacturing innovation and entrepreneurship. See the report here.

In his speech, President Obama proclaimed that "America has always been a nation of tinkerers, inventors, and entrepreneurs," adding that the goal was to keep innovation and creativity strong enough to allow Americans to make anything. "Today's DIY is tomorrow's Made in America… One of the best ways to create more jobs is by boosting American manufacturing."

To take part in this amazing movement, keep an eye out for what’s coming next from the government, and most importantly… get out there and make!

Written by Bhold team — June 23, 2014



Congratulations, Susan, what an honor!!!

June 27 2014

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